Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hm, well I've kept this blog DEAD for......quite some time already. Sorry People!Sorry Mew Choo! :/

Anyways, so Mew Choo and the gang has just participated in the Commonwealth Games!



As for the individual events, Malaysia won GOLD in Mixed Doubles, Men Doubles & Men Singles.

Malaysia won Silver too! in the Women singles event represented by our very own WONG MEW CHOO!


Your fighting spirit is what everyone envy from you :D

Hey! stay like this, STAY HAPPY FOREVER!

Mew Choo, Don't bother what other people says about you. ALL of those doesn't matter, What matters is that YOU GAVE YOUR BEST! you really did! and I have to say, BOTH of your matches against Saina (one in the team event, and the individuals) was the BEST WOMEN SINGLE MATCH I'VE EVER WATCHED!

You and Saina has shown the quality of badminton in Women Singles. So CONGRATULATIONS! :)

Keep up the good work! despite your age, you really did a fantastic job!

WE are all here for you, don't give up. WE'VE got your back ! :)

xoxo, Jo-Ann+ all your fans

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


my computer was damaged and now it's ALL GONE , reformat. eff right ? ALL my Wong Mew Choo's video, pictures , the DESIGN of the fans shirt are all GONE.

But it's ok , i can do it again.

OK guys , how to guys wanna purchase it ?

you guys wanna bank in the money into my account & send it to you guys


You can pay me during Thomas Cup 2010 , and I give you the shirt STRAIGHT way (which is SO MUCH convenient) SO SO ?

give me 2 days(alot of homeworks!!!) to post the design please ? coz I gotta redesign again , GAH , stupid comp.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

GUYS ! please REPLY ASAP !

you guys want the shirt to be SIMPLE or COMPLICATED ?

If its simple , then it's REALLY simple.

If its complicated , then it'll be creative with loads of splashes like that.


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Friday, March 26, 2010

OK ! it's decided ! We'll have a shirt !!

but can you guys send me the designs ? I'll design some & ask for opinions & at the same time I want you guys to send some design to me. Cause I REALLY suck at designing , I hate arts. Never like drawing nor designing. So REALLY , I need you guys help ! OK ? please send in by next week , latest ( april 5th)


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Really ? Cause I need co-operation.

guys , REALLY ? you guys REALLY want to have the shirt ? we have to get it done SOON . Ok , I'll create a poll & I'll see how many wants the shirt.

Do you agree on having a shirt for WMC fan's club ?

View Results
Create a Blog Poll

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


sorry for not updating for AGES. sorry !

BTW , the shirt suggestion , to me ,I think it's BRILLIANT idea.

actually , Liling has suggested this idea before this too.
ANYWAYS , so....?? do you REALLY want this ? REALLY ???
cause if you guys REALLY want this , yeah SURE , I'll be delighted !

and yeah Peining - You saw Mew Choo in the sf for finals in All England ?

I have not much to update. Mew Choo wanna RETHINK her badminton career......oh no ! But just so you know Mew Choo , you have fans her who will ALWAYS back you up , am I right guys ?

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Just wanna inform you guys

Thank you for ALL your support on this blog ! THANK YOU !

anyways , wanna inform you guys . Wong Mew Choo DID viewed this blog & she COMMENTED too ! see the picture below or even you can even click the previous button on the shoutbox there.

Mew Choo says , Thanks your all,always supporting me. Thanks my friend.

It IS Wong Mew Choo ! The REAL Wong Mew Choo , I confirmed with her on facebook ! & she said YES , it was her ! Awesome right ?

lalalalalal ! Happy ! THANK YOU MEW CHOO for leaving comment there ! THANK YOU !!! LOVE YOU ALWAYS !! <3

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Malaysian Open 2010

Second Round : Wong Mew Choo Vs Some Korean Girl

It was funny & fun !!

WONG MEW CHOO ! remember there was few crazy fans shouting your name crazily ??!?! well , that was US ! it was Ling , Minyan , yongJia & me ! hahahahah ! here are the pics !
*it's quite blur & little*

I spotted Wong Pei Tty ! hehe ! =)

From Left : Ling,YongJia & MinYan
I'll always remember what Ling shouted ''re so cute....!' LMAO

Yvonne & Me ! =)

it was a great experience ! I totally enjoyed it !

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Listen Up Guys !

This maybe Old news but just wanna share with all of you that Wong Mew Choo has Facebook ! go add her NOW !

Wong Mew Choo has officially viewed this blog ! as in this Mew Choo fans blog ! AWESOME right ??!? oh my godd....!!! I cannot believe this mann !! finally , everything is coming true !

Wong Mew Choo , Thank You VERY much for viewing this blog . You don't know how much this means to all of US ! right guys ? =D


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Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Bored

Pretty Lady !

I'm bored !!

oh btw , any of you guys go for Badminton training ?

I wanna change my training center. Suggestions ?

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WHY Lee Chong Wei & Wong Mew Choo are NO LONGER together ?

why ? yes....everybody wants to know WHY ? me tooo! well I just heard some news in Berita Harian & a youtube video.

This is the Berita Harian News ,

Ketika Chong Wei menjalani latihan selama dua minggu di Korea Selatan - sebagai persiapan terakhir menghadapi Kejohanan Badminton Dunia di Hyderabad, Ogos lalu - Chong Wei ada dikaitkan dengan pemain negara itu, Hwang Hye-youn.

AND this is a Video of....

this video says that they broke up because he was in a small relationship with Hwang Hye-Youn when he was in Korea training right before the world championships in August 2009 , remember he went to Korea for training ?

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


there's rumour saying Lee Chong Wei is in A relationship with WANG LIN !!!! L-O-L la !!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH !!

Go read NanYang Siang Pau today(23/1/10) at the sport section !!! Go readd !!







(Kuala Lumpur, 23, Bernama) Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia in the world a new Colombian sweetheart, Wang Lin of China's women's singles flowers?

In the Malaysian men's doubles Choong Tan Fook Wo Chinese women's doubles Zhang Jiewen yesterday (Friday) to tie the knot with reason, local Malay newspaper, "Today's News" Today's shocking another period of "Ma Zhong Qing", but this is not a male and female doubles player, rather currently living in Malaysia is to play in the women's singles Lee Chong Wei Lin anything to do with relationships.

Since the end of last year, and a sister Malaysian Wong Mew Choo, after years of love, Lee Chong Wei's feeling a lot of the new version appeared in attribution.

Hyderabad World Championships last year, before the went to South Korea's Lee Chong Wei had 2 weeks of preparation, after which he and the outgoing South Korean singles Huang Hui-yuan of the scandal.
But a few days ago, when asked about the identity of the new girlfriend, Lee Chong Wei did not give a positive answer, just laughed: "You Guess." '

The translation is quite bad, don't blame me to for this. The internet translated , so just don't complain my language

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mew Choo Crashed out !

Sad ,yes . But then it was a good fight with Zhou Mi. 10-21 , 21-10 , 21-11. OK , i guess , it was a good fight. That's the spirit ! I hope she does well in Malaysian Open !!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't Think I Don't Know

  • ling then no need to ask us to vote la..u made ur own decision...i'm not going..i'm calling her..n meet her in the stadium privately!
  • ling oooo...u look down on mew choo la!

I know Ling would never type that .

miew kheng many miew kheng r there..U watch out..

yeah , SUPRISINGLY , this so called miew kheng & Ling right has the same ID(computer ID) , I checked at Shoutmix with my account . & then hor...the timing also very close.

Don't believe me , go see it yourself.

Whoever this spammer is , All I have to say is Fuck Off . Thank you !

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I DO NOT look down on her OKAY ? MIEW ?

hey MIEW , I don't know who are you but just to let you know , I am NOT freaking looking down at her OKAY ?

I have faith in her ! & ALL OF US wanna see her in ACTION ! it'll be disappointing if we went for the finals and she didn't make it. Then we will be like ' aiyah ! should have went for quarter finals ( or what so ever ) ! ' So to prevent disappointment , we are planning to go for Second Round cause she'll be facing Lu Lan which is NOT easy AT ALL

If she makes it to the finals , then maybe we can go AGAIN ! no problem & plus , like what Ling said , go second round can see more players . Other country players.

I don't know who you are , I don't care if you're Miew Kheng or a fake Miew Kheng or your name is really Miew , I just wanna make things CLEAR.

Thank You.

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I agree with Leonard.

We should go second round cause she's facing Lu Lan. But then it starts at 3pm !! I finish school at 2.30 on THURSDAYY !! & second round is on THURSDAY !! damnnnnn !!!!

I hope Mew Choo's match will be late , like around 6 or 7 , so i can make it ! WAIT , I got tuition !! argh..! skip la. *hopefully mummy let...oh please god help me!*

Yah , I think we should go during second round ! guys , agree ?

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here You Go , Shir Lynn

OH MY GOD. so CUTE , I watched it AGAIN. It's so AWESOMEly CUTE.

sorry Shir Lynn , I thought of uploading the video here but then it took so long so I manage to find the website.

Anyways guys , Malaysian open ? Why no respond ? If there's no respond , I shall propose quarter finals . 7pm.

I thought of second round but it's 3 pm , if many of you guys can make it , then second round it is ,ok ?

so now VOTE , Second round or Quarter Finals ?

Which one do you prefer meeting up with Mew Choo fans ? Second Round(3pm) or Quarter Finals(7pm) ?
Second Round
Quarter Finals

View Results

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Congrats Mew Choo on your bronze medal . Ok la , better than no medals right ?

Oh yeah , Wong Miew Kheng commented on my status ! I was really shocked. but thanks !

Though Wong Mew Choo never accept my request...sob..sob...!

anyways , Malaysia Open is coming up ! Guys , when & which round to meet up ? please plaN !

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


That's the link for Mew Choo's Winning match again't The Juliane. Download it , keep it ! and be happy with it when she burst into tears.

She Deserves it ! oh yeah

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I've sorta made plans already

hey guys , I've made plans for a gathering. I plan it for Next year January during the Proton Malaysian Open . And by that , we try to make banner and put this blog site so that she can see it , what dyou guys think ?

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 World Super Series Masters Final Winner - WONG MEW CHOO

Congrats to her !! she cried , tears in joy...gosh...! I'm so happy with her !!

But damn la , no interview. I remember last year , they interview the winners at Kota Kinabalu , remember ?

But don't worry , I think StarOnline will post an interview. Really happy with her ,

Thank You GOD ,
Thank You Misbun,
Thank You to her Team mates

and last BUT not least ,

To US , us fans. Thank you guys for supporting Mew Choo.

I wish to blog more but then I gtg , I'm going Johor now. got a wedding to attend. damn right ? the tournament ends today and I'm going there today. sigh...ok , that's about it. Thanks

BTW lolx about the video. Just gimme more time , thank you for you patience. bye , love ya !

love you guys ! bye

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So What Do You Guys Think ?

so , Leslie ? Is this better than the previous one ?

& the others , what do you think about this new blogskin ?

anyways , I wanna go sleep now. It's 4.11 am now.

I wish all the best for Wong Mew Choo tomorrow , I mean Today ! ( past midnight already )


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Not That I DON't CARE ok ?

Pick your words CAREFULLY before typing or saying it out.

It's not that I don't care she's in Semis nor Finals. Just because I did not update doesn't mean I DON't CARE. I have a reason why and the is reason is beacuse I was sleeping over at my friends house & I never got the chance to blog about it. I did watch her match but I just can't blog cause I was at my friend's house. alright theressa ?

& about the Blogskin , yes sorry , it very tremendously ugly . sorry , thanks to my laziness BUT I will definitely change it , promise ! sorry leslie and the others.


I'm so happy with her ! In the finals !! OH MY GOD ! I think she can win it .

She'll be facing Juliane Schenk of Germany tomorrow in the finals

My bets are on Mew Choo. you guys ?

Really hope she wins !!!!


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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wong Mew Choo's match tomorrow might be in the morning at 11 am. It's either 11am or 5 pm. I checked astro , it says 5 pm but tournamentsoftware says it is 11 am. But no matter what , Wong Mew Choo's match will be on TV tomorrow .

Astro Channel 816

11 am or 5pm , so don't wake up late tomorrow.

Don't say I did not warn you. So yeah , but I'll confirm with you guys tomorrow 7am . alright ?

Goodnight guys ,~ Sweet Dream ~

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Mew Choo definitely will be in the Semifinals .
She won just now , in fact I was kinda yawning when I was watching the livescore. Cause I know it'll be a piece of cake for her.

tomorrow she'll be meeting up with Canada's Charmaine.

Check out that game tomorrow ,

Astro Channel 816 , 5pm

1st match is Wong Mew Choo's . So be on time ! 5 pm Astro Channel 816.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm really happy ! Wong Mew Choo beat Saina Nehwal ! now , this is what I like to blog about!

Anyway , tomorrow she'll be facing Thailand's Porntip Buranaprasertsuk. I have confidence Mew Choo will beat her but then you'll never what the results will be , do not underestimate young and fresh player.

BTW , I love what Mew Choo wore today ! It was so much better than what she wore in China Open 2009 recently. Pink! my favorite colour !

Anyway , did you guys saw the SPLIT she did just now ! OMH , OUCH OUCH OUCH !! damn , it's gonna hurt but she seemed fine , GOSHH..!!'ll be SO PAIN...AAAOOOWWWW !!! ( imagining if its me ) GAWD , so painful

Anyway , I wish her all the best with the Thailand Girl 2moro !

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Remember last year Saina and mew choo played againts each other ? Mew Choo lost last year , what about this year ? *evil laugh* re-match baby !

I wish her all the best ! Really Hope she'll win

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I just realized ! i forgot today was 1 december 2009 , damn time flies fast !!

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Wong Mew Choo qualify for SUPER SERIES MASTER FINALS 2009 @ Johor Bharu!!!
(2-6 december 2009)

OH MY GOD !!!!!!!


If the men's singles line up remains strong, the women's singles line up has taken another step backwards for the upcoming Super Series Finals. Lu Lan is the latest player to withdraw from the top 8, which means China will have no woman representative in the entire tournament. Wong Mew Choo of Malaysia has confirmed she would join the 7 other shuttlers.

Here is the final list for WS :
Saina Nehwal (IND), Salakjit Ponsana (THA), Yao Jie (NED), Nicole Grether (GER), Juliane Schenk (GER), Porntip Buranaprasertusuk (THA), Charmaine Reid (CAN), Wong Mew Choo (MAL)

*last year at super series master final 2008 @Kota Kinabalu*

OK , this is gonna be AWESOME!!!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Yeah , she lost. I watched the match, I woulden't say I'm disspointed in her BUT I'm actually quite proud with her.

At least now we know she is back , her form has improved . Not like her previous matches like in World Championship , it was a disaster . But now ALL the disaster is gone , she is BACK.yes, WONG MEW CHOO is back !

someone questioned me this :

'If she is back , why didn't she beat Wang ShiXian ? '

my answer is :

You have to take one step a time , have faith in her . She is back , but she can't straight way be the champion , being a champion takes time. So One step at a time , she just beat the World No.1 which is a BIG step already, so give her some time ,I bet she'll be better, right mew choo fans ? proud of her...!!!!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wong Mew Choo VS Wang YiHan

(China Open 2009)

OMG , second set Mew Choo leading 18-12 !!!! and she won the first set !!! ahhhh


OMG 20-17 !!! OMG OMG !! one more point MEW CHOO !!! JIA YOU!!

21-17 !!!! Congrats MEW CHOO !!!!!!!!

I will blog more about it tonight with pictures ! ok ? CONGRATSSS !!! I'm SCREAMING RIGHT NOWW !!!!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yeap , she lost in HK open ! I think everyone knows about it& that's y I did not blog about it.

Ok , I'll start now.

Wong Mew Choo's current ranking is 22nd

李宗伟黄妙珠情已逝 中国马来西亚羽坛情侣战告吹

新浪体育讯 李宗伟与黄妙珠结束11年的恋情,本来极具看点的中国马来西亚羽坛情侣战终告流产。









Translation in English

AP Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo ended 11-year romance, have been very Aspect couple of Chinese Malaysian badminton final battle was aborted.

Planned Macedonia couple showdown, China Lin Dan and Xie was sent Condor Heroes, but by the colorful decoration of Malaysia Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo, engaged Unfortunately this was originally filled with a sweet duel between Lee Chong Wei has finally and Wong Mew Choo was dropped after the breakup.

In May this year, during the Sudirman Cup in Guangzhou, Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo received the invitation of China, there are two sponsors like to invite to participate in 11 later this month in a spectacular showdown, place, or in Shandong, Tianjin, while the opponent is Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang.

A total of three couples in this showdown games, men's singles Lee Chong Wei VS Lin Dan yes, the women's singles is the most powerful among VS Wong Mew Choo, is the mixed doubles final confrontation, and by Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang against Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo.

Lee Chong Wei was also very looking forward to this game, after all, he and Wong Mew Choo has never been in the Open mixed doubles partner in Malaysia, continuing an affair, he did not mind the Chinese public and the relationship between Wong Mew Choo lovers.

Break up or a friend ?

But the short-lived, on the world championships in August in India, Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo of their announced that it has parted ways with each other, but declined to disclose the reasons for breaking up.

However, in the World Championship, after Lee Chong Wei to go out to dinner with the Wong Mew Choo is still a double into the right, was asked whether they are split off to reduce the domestic pressure, Lee Chong Wei stressed: "no la , we broke up already but we are still good friends." (Malaysia, "Sin Chew Daily")

So what is it Mew Choo ? Break up or No break UP ?

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Temporarily Unavailable

Dear my readers ,

Sorry to break your bubble but this site will be dead till the 13th of October. I'm having my PMR examinations , so sorry....!

Those who are having PMR this year , ALL THE BEST ! 10 days more ! oh my gosh...!

Dear Shir Lynn ,

I will upload that video after my exams . Thank you.

:-) smile everyday

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Could Be The Reason ?

well , I'm personally think that they had a fight.
And I think is Wong Mew Choo who broke up with Lee Chong Wei not Lee Chong Wei.

As I know , I watched the 'Chat with VVIP Lee Chong Wei' in August last year , it seems that Lee Chong Wei is very loud and rude where Wong Mew Choo is soft and sweet.

But Chong Wei is still indeed a very nice guy too but sometime he maybe too loud.

As you see every other news , chinese , BM or even English . Wong Mew Choo was alone and was not being cared where all the psychologist,
physiotherapists, masseurs, technical analysts, sponsors and coaches were surrounded with Lee Chong Wei where Mew Choo is just at the other corner sitting quietly. Here are the proofs ,

'The 2007 China Open champion cut a forlorn figure during her preparations for the match after her arrival in China on Sunday'
-adapted from The Star

Forlorn means lonely , not being cared about.

-adapted from

Translation in English for that is..

Ended more than an hour of training, Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo am sitting at both ends of the floor for a relaxed, full without any exchanges. Psychologists, physiotherapists, masseurs, technical analysts, sponsors and coaches will be surrounded by Lee Chong Wei, as for Wong Mew Choo is one who sits quietly at the other end and dismantled her right knee band.

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Mew Choo's form continues to slip

Btw Mei Lin , I totally agree with you ! it'll be so awesome if they are still together and their wedding date on 10-10-10 .

oh yeah , they started dating since the year 1999 , watch this video and you'll know better

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wong and Lee no longer together

CHANGZHOU: National shuttlers Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo have ended their three-year relationship.

Women’s singles ace Mew Choo confirmed this after her first-round loss to Jiang Yanjiao in the China Masters Super Series here yesterday.

The 2007 China Open champion cut a forlorn figure during her preparations for the match after her arrival in China on Sunday.

When asked if she was affected by the split, Mew Choo said it was “a thing of the past” and that she was fine.

Mew Choo lost to 2008 China Open winner Yanjiao 17-21,11-21 in 35 minutes.

- adapted from Star Newspaper...

this is really sad..........

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wong Mew Choo looks very pale....don't cha think ?

anyway , WONG MEW CHOO fans in on TWITTER !

get the latest news of Mew Choo through twitter !!

p/s- spread the word guys !

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WONG MEW CHOO's Fans is now on TWITTER !

those who have twitter , follow up !

That's all for now ! :-)

Good luck for UPSR-ers which is in 4 days time !

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Macau Open !

it was awesome ! I really enjoyed WCH and LCW match . opinion is that I think that WCH is more fit than last year . he played SO WELL in the finals with LCW . Congrats to him !!

Anyway , my point of blogging this post is not about them BUT it's about........

GUYS ! visit this blog !

really AWESOME blog ! go visit ya guys ! Malaysia Boleh !!

1 Malaysia , rakyat didahulukan , pencapaian diutamakan . LOL...just being patriotic , it's a good thing right ? hahaha..

well , so far no news anything from mew choo leh...but will try to find or just visit this blog .

P/S - I don't think I'll be blogging that often la due to my examinations , it's so near !

I'm here wishing good luck to all those who are sitting UPSR ( senang je...! ) in two weeks time , GOOD LUCK !
And those who are sitting for PMR ( 44 days left leh wei! !! ) I wish you good luck , I'll be facing this examination with you too , 2009 Candidates !

LAST but not least , SPM ! gosh......ALl the best ! although I know it's freaking difficult but you stil have to face it . If I'm not wrong , SPM candidates 2009 left less than 100 days , am I right ? whateVer la , good luck to all !

But remember to support Mew Choo ALL THE WAY , alright ?

Credits to Pei Ning .

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Friday, August 21, 2009


Latest ranking . She's 23rd now , IT's really BAD ! 23rd !!!! gosh.....

and Julia is still in 12th spot ! ! I do not understand !!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

say Bye - Bye in Macau

Statistics in Game 1

Statistics in Game 2

In her 2nd match , SHE DID NOT SMASH !! WTH MAN !!!!

MEW CHOOO...................haiyooo

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


true , memang tak ada luck ! yeeerrrr....!

THEY WERE so closeee !!! I think that was their BEST performance ever ! Don't you think so ??

I did not see them play as they were not on TV . But also disspointing ! yer.....

THE MOST DISAPPOINTING !! really arh , i dun he would made it to the finals lor....when he was interviewed by reporters , his expression was relaxed and he was smiling but guys , it's just a smile on his face , but his heart hurts .
Misbun said that Chong Wei burst into tears in the room and kept to himself and even turned down food after the defeat.
-adapted from The Star , Malaysia .

and yeah ! Congrats to Lin Dan ! as this is his THIRD and CONSECUTIVE world champion title ! say hello to the 2005 , 2007 and 2009 World Champion ! Congrats !

I hope Xie XingFang would win later on the Women Singles match ! she is my favorite after Wong Mew Choo !

anyway guys , pictures from Hyderbad , India of WONG MEW CHOO ! most probally you guys have seen this pictures but I'm just posting it as MAYBE some of you guys have not seen it .

Sparring With Lee Chong Wei

And guys , I find this picture of her is BEAUTIFUL . It was in Singapore Open 2008

FYI guys , double click on the pictures( WMC pic only ) . It will WAY clearer ! and she looks prettier if you enlarge it especially the last picture

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