Sunday, August 23, 2009

Macau Open !

it was awesome ! I really enjoyed WCH and LCW match . opinion is that I think that WCH is more fit than last year . he played SO WELL in the finals with LCW . Congrats to him !!

Anyway , my point of blogging this post is not about them BUT it's about........

GUYS ! visit this blog !

really AWESOME blog ! go visit ya guys ! Malaysia Boleh !!

1 Malaysia , rakyat didahulukan , pencapaian diutamakan . LOL...just being patriotic , it's a good thing right ? hahaha..

well , so far no news anything from mew choo leh...but will try to find or just visit this blog .

P/S - I don't think I'll be blogging that often la due to my examinations , it's so near !

I'm here wishing good luck to all those who are sitting UPSR ( senang je...! ) in two weeks time , GOOD LUCK !
And those who are sitting for PMR ( 44 days left leh wei! !! ) I wish you good luck , I'll be facing this examination with you too , 2009 Candidates !

LAST but not least , SPM ! gosh......ALl the best ! although I know it's freaking difficult but you stil have to face it . If I'm not wrong , SPM candidates 2009 left less than 100 days , am I right ? whateVer la , good luck to all !

But remember to support Mew Choo ALL THE WAY , alright ?

Credits to Pei Ning .

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Friday, August 21, 2009


Latest ranking . She's 23rd now , IT's really BAD ! 23rd !!!! gosh.....

and Julia is still in 12th spot ! ! I do not understand !!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

say Bye - Bye in Macau

Statistics in Game 1

Statistics in Game 2

In her 2nd match , SHE DID NOT SMASH !! WTH MAN !!!!

MEW CHOOO...................haiyooo

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


true , memang tak ada luck ! yeeerrrr....!

THEY WERE so closeee !!! I think that was their BEST performance ever ! Don't you think so ??

I did not see them play as they were not on TV . But also disspointing ! yer.....

THE MOST DISAPPOINTING !! really arh , i dun he would made it to the finals lor....when he was interviewed by reporters , his expression was relaxed and he was smiling but guys , it's just a smile on his face , but his heart hurts .
Misbun said that Chong Wei burst into tears in the room and kept to himself and even turned down food after the defeat.
-adapted from The Star , Malaysia .

and yeah ! Congrats to Lin Dan ! as this is his THIRD and CONSECUTIVE world champion title ! say hello to the 2005 , 2007 and 2009 World Champion ! Congrats !

I hope Xie XingFang would win later on the Women Singles match ! she is my favorite after Wong Mew Choo !

anyway guys , pictures from Hyderbad , India of WONG MEW CHOO ! most probally you guys have seen this pictures but I'm just posting it as MAYBE some of you guys have not seen it .

Sparring With Lee Chong Wei

And guys , I find this picture of her is BEAUTIFUL . It was in Singapore Open 2008

FYI guys , double click on the pictures( WMC pic only ) . It will WAY clearer ! and she looks prettier if you enlarge it especially the last picture

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


All I can Say , Mew Choo ! You've got to find your confidence ..

you DID not play well eventhough your points was so close . This is NOT you !

haih....I'm truly disappointed....

And you kept showing that face ( in the pic above ) in your game !

Don't do that !! be more confident !! EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKE !!!

haih....I even cried for this one. sigh....

gtg now , trials 2moro . bye guys and sigh....

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Ranking drop again , she's 18 now . sigh....

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Mew Choo warns Zhou Mi she won’t be her ‘play thing’

KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Kong’s feared women’s singles shuttler Zhou Mi loves to toy with her opponents on court.
But Malaysia’s Wong Mew Choo does not plan to become one of Zhou Mi’s ‘play things’ in the World Championships, which will begin in Hyderabad, India, from Aug 10-16.
Miss no-nonsense: Wong Mew Choo is focused on the World Championships.

Barring any major upsets or injuries, Mew Choo is expected take on the world No. 1 and top seed Zhou Mi in the women’s singles third round of the world meet.
Mew Choo will face American Shannon Pohl in the opening round and probably Japan’s Ai Goto in the second round.
Having lost twice to Zhou Mi, the 26-year-old Mew Choo admits that it would be a tall order for any player coming up against China’s former top national star.
“Her skills are amazing. She likes to toy with her opponents and break their rhythm of play,” said Mew Choo.
“In one of the tournaments, she took a 14-0 lead against me. It almost broke my resolve.
“Many do not like to play against her. She can retrieve any kinds of shots. She may be much older than most of the players but she certainly can make life difficult for us.”
Mew Choo’s only hope is to go all out against Zhou Mi if their paths cross in India.
“I will not take my early round matches easy. I may face Ai Goto in the second round. I have not played against her but the Japanese are runners and I will be wary of her,” she said.
“It will be great if I can set up a meeting with Zhou Mi. The odds are against me but it does not matter whether I win or lose ... the most important thing is to fight all out.”
The others in the same draw with the 30-year-old Zhou Mi and Mew Choo are China’s Xie Xingfang and Wang Yihan.
In the lower half of the draw with Wang Lin of China is compatriot Lu Lan, Hong Kong’s Wang Chen and Yip Pui Yin, Denmark’s Tine Rasmussen and India’s Saina Nehwal. The participation of Indonesian Open champion Saina, however, is in doubt after the former contracted chicken pox last week.
Mew Choo said she hoped that her injuries would not derail her hopes of achieving another memorable outing in the world meet.
At the world meet in Malaysia in 2007, Mew Choo stunned Xingfang to reach the quarter-finals. In the same year, she went on to beat several of China’s top guns to win the China Open.
“I was quite confident with my game at one point and now I am re-building myself to become a better player.
“I am glad that my injuries (both knees) are under control,” she said.

P/s- Mew Choo , I love your spirit darling ! keep it up !

pp/s - sorry guys , I have not update such a long time, I've been busy studying , having PMR this year and trials is next week !!! same wek as the World Championship ! damn !!

ppp/s- Pei Ning , the pic I will upload real soon , alright ? I'm in a hurry now coz I wanna get back to my studying , so , I'm sorry for this short post ! really !! sorry !!

BTW , ENJOY ! bye !

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