Saturday, January 30, 2010

Listen Up Guys !

This maybe Old news but just wanna share with all of you that Wong Mew Choo has Facebook ! go add her NOW !

Wong Mew Choo has officially viewed this blog ! as in this Mew Choo fans blog ! AWESOME right ??!? oh my godd....!!! I cannot believe this mann !! finally , everything is coming true !

Wong Mew Choo , Thank You VERY much for viewing this blog . You don't know how much this means to all of US ! right guys ? =D


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Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Bored

Pretty Lady !

I'm bored !!

oh btw , any of you guys go for Badminton training ?

I wanna change my training center. Suggestions ?

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WHY Lee Chong Wei & Wong Mew Choo are NO LONGER together ?

why ? yes....everybody wants to know WHY ? me tooo! well I just heard some news in Berita Harian & a youtube video.

This is the Berita Harian News ,

Ketika Chong Wei menjalani latihan selama dua minggu di Korea Selatan - sebagai persiapan terakhir menghadapi Kejohanan Badminton Dunia di Hyderabad, Ogos lalu - Chong Wei ada dikaitkan dengan pemain negara itu, Hwang Hye-youn.

AND this is a Video of....

this video says that they broke up because he was in a small relationship with Hwang Hye-Youn when he was in Korea training right before the world championships in August 2009 , remember he went to Korea for training ?

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


there's rumour saying Lee Chong Wei is in A relationship with WANG LIN !!!! L-O-L la !!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH !!

Go read NanYang Siang Pau today(23/1/10) at the sport section !!! Go readd !!







(Kuala Lumpur, 23, Bernama) Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia in the world a new Colombian sweetheart, Wang Lin of China's women's singles flowers?

In the Malaysian men's doubles Choong Tan Fook Wo Chinese women's doubles Zhang Jiewen yesterday (Friday) to tie the knot with reason, local Malay newspaper, "Today's News" Today's shocking another period of "Ma Zhong Qing", but this is not a male and female doubles player, rather currently living in Malaysia is to play in the women's singles Lee Chong Wei Lin anything to do with relationships.

Since the end of last year, and a sister Malaysian Wong Mew Choo, after years of love, Lee Chong Wei's feeling a lot of the new version appeared in attribution.

Hyderabad World Championships last year, before the went to South Korea's Lee Chong Wei had 2 weeks of preparation, after which he and the outgoing South Korean singles Huang Hui-yuan of the scandal.
But a few days ago, when asked about the identity of the new girlfriend, Lee Chong Wei did not give a positive answer, just laughed: "You Guess." '

The translation is quite bad, don't blame me to for this. The internet translated , so just don't complain my language

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mew Choo Crashed out !

Sad ,yes . But then it was a good fight with Zhou Mi. 10-21 , 21-10 , 21-11. OK , i guess , it was a good fight. That's the spirit ! I hope she does well in Malaysian Open !!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't Think I Don't Know

  • ling then no need to ask us to vote la..u made ur own decision...i'm not going..i'm calling her..n meet her in the stadium privately!
  • ling oooo...u look down on mew choo la!

I know Ling would never type that .

miew kheng many miew kheng r there..U watch out..

yeah , SUPRISINGLY , this so called miew kheng & Ling right has the same ID(computer ID) , I checked at Shoutmix with my account . & then hor...the timing also very close.

Don't believe me , go see it yourself.

Whoever this spammer is , All I have to say is Fuck Off . Thank you !

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I DO NOT look down on her OKAY ? MIEW ?

hey MIEW , I don't know who are you but just to let you know , I am NOT freaking looking down at her OKAY ?

I have faith in her ! & ALL OF US wanna see her in ACTION ! it'll be disappointing if we went for the finals and she didn't make it. Then we will be like ' aiyah ! should have went for quarter finals ( or what so ever ) ! ' So to prevent disappointment , we are planning to go for Second Round cause she'll be facing Lu Lan which is NOT easy AT ALL

If she makes it to the finals , then maybe we can go AGAIN ! no problem & plus , like what Ling said , go second round can see more players . Other country players.

I don't know who you are , I don't care if you're Miew Kheng or a fake Miew Kheng or your name is really Miew , I just wanna make things CLEAR.

Thank You.

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I agree with Leonard.

We should go second round cause she's facing Lu Lan. But then it starts at 3pm !! I finish school at 2.30 on THURSDAYY !! & second round is on THURSDAY !! damnnnnn !!!!

I hope Mew Choo's match will be late , like around 6 or 7 , so i can make it ! WAIT , I got tuition !! argh..! skip la. *hopefully mummy let...oh please god help me!*

Yah , I think we should go during second round ! guys , agree ?

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