Friday, March 26, 2010

OK ! it's decided ! We'll have a shirt !!

but can you guys send me the designs ? I'll design some & ask for opinions & at the same time I want you guys to send some design to me. Cause I REALLY suck at designing , I hate arts. Never like drawing nor designing. So REALLY , I need you guys help ! OK ? please send in by next week , latest ( april 5th)


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Really ? Cause I need co-operation.

guys , REALLY ? you guys REALLY want to have the shirt ? we have to get it done SOON . Ok , I'll create a poll & I'll see how many wants the shirt.

Do you agree on having a shirt for WMC fan's club ?

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


sorry for not updating for AGES. sorry !

BTW , the shirt suggestion , to me ,I think it's BRILLIANT idea.

actually , Liling has suggested this idea before this too.
ANYWAYS , so....?? do you REALLY want this ? REALLY ???
cause if you guys REALLY want this , yeah SURE , I'll be delighted !

and yeah Peining - You saw Mew Choo in the sf for finals in All England ?

I have not much to update. Mew Choo wanna RETHINK her badminton career......oh no ! But just so you know Mew Choo , you have fans her who will ALWAYS back you up , am I right guys ?

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