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WONG MEW CHOO & WONG MEW KHENG candid picture !

Wong Mew Choo & Wong Mew Kheng

The WONG sisters !!

Wong Mew Kheng use to be a National Badminton Player , thats how Mew Choo got inspired ! by her sister !!
This picture was taken in the Malaysia Open 2008 ! cool huh ? what a candid shot !

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Monday, December 29, 2008

I’m my own enemy, says Mew Choo

This is a LATEST article !! Wong Mew Choo comments her performance in the Super Series Masters Finals in Kota Kinabalu ! CHECK IT OUT !!!!

STILL INJURED: Mew Choo started treatment on her kneeWong Mew Choo has to overcome her own demons if she intends to move forward in international competitions.

“I’m my biggest enemy,” said Malaysia’s No 1 woman shuttler, after losing her opening singles match in Group B of the BWF World Super Series Masters Finals at the Likas Sports Complex in Kota Kinabalu yesterday.

“I’ve not been confident with my game since the Olympics. My confidence was shattered after a string of defeats in the first and second round since the Olympics,” said Mew Choo, who is seeded eighth.

The Malaysian, however, gave a good account of herself with a fighting display against Pi Hongyan of France during the one hour she was on the court before allowing her China-born opponent to win 21-12, 20-22, 22-20.

The injury-hit Mew Choo also revealed that if had she started treatment for her nagging knee injuries, she “would not have come for this tournament”.

There was also the Malaysian Open on Jan 6-11 to think about. She gained back-door entry into the event after China pulled out all their players.

Mew Choo’s injured knees did not allow her to go the extra mile against Hongyan.

“It’s sad. I allowed my opponent to win from my mistakes. I’m allowing my opponents to take advantage of my weaknesses.

“And they (my opponents) show no mercy in wanting to win against me. They are merciless. But that is badminton. Everyone wants to win. I too want to win. “I would have regained some confidence if I had beaten Hongyan.

“If I had won, I would have taken it easy against Tine (Rasmussen of Denmark) and gone in for the kill against India’s Saina Nehwal for a place in the semis,” added Mew Choo.

But it will be back to square one for Mew Choo today. She will have to win with the best of margins against her remaining opponents.

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This can explain a bit of wong mew choo's performance .... coz she is still sad.....

There was the occasional laughter that broke the silence of an otherwise hectic training session at the Juara Stadium.

Top women shuttler Wong Mew Choo was the only rose among the thorns but that didn’t stop her from pushing her male counterparts to the limit.

Nevertheless, Mew Choo has not been her self since returning from Beijing, where she created history by reaching the quarter-finals, losing 21-7, 29-27 to China’s Lu Lan.

“I just don’t know what’s next for me,” said a dejected Mew Choo.

“I’ve never been like this before. People ask me what my plans are or how I feel but I don’t know how to answer them.

“I’m numb inside.”

To an outsider, Mew Choo could be suffering from depression.

Yet those close to her believe she is disappointed after failing to achieve her personal target of a medal finish in the Olympics.

Although Mew Choo is only 26, she may not make the 2012 London Olympics because of nagging knee injuries which have been a constant threat to her career.

It may take some time for Mew Choo to bounce back and national singles coach Misbun Sidek said it is high time a full-time psychologist is hired for the squad.

“We had a part time psychologist thanks to the National Sports Concil during the Beijing Olympics and he did wonders,” said Misbun.

“It’s clear Mew Choo is upset with the outcome of her Olympic campaign but it’s not the end of the world for her.”

Misbun can only help the shuttlers in tactics and techniques but a full time psychologist is needed to work on the mental strength of the players.

“We have a high level training regime and the players need to be mentally tough to survive the training and the real badminton scenario.

“I hope we can work something out and I’m sure Mew Choo will be in the right frame of mind soon.”

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Each time Wong Mew Choo enters a badminton competition, she is fully aware that she represents each and every Malaysian. And she is determined that all of us emerge victorious in the world arena.

HERE is an Article about her ! the star did an interview ! I bet All of u guys read thsi before because this interview was done last year ( 2007 ) after she won China Open but just posting here in case few of u guys haven't read this yet ! ENJOY !

MALAYSIAN badminton has a new heroine and her name is Wong Mew Choo. The 25-year-old national shuttler caught the attention of the world this year when, unseeded, she vanquished Chinese female badminton players including World No.1 Xie Xingfang in the final to win the China Open Super Series title in November.

(Mew Choo is the first Malaysian woman and the second non-China player to win a woman’s singles title on Chinese soil since the tournament began in 1986.)

Malaysia Boleh!: Mew Choo has made every Malaysian believe that nothing is impossible.
Meeting Mew Choo face-to-face, one is surprised that this dragon slayer is kind of ? small.

After her fantastic performance in China – she is the first Malaysian woman in three decades to have won a major title for the country – an Olympic medal in badminton now looks like a distinct possibility.

“I could not have done any of this without the support of the country and the Government. When you know you have the rakyat behind you, it is very energising,” explains Mew Choo when asked what motivated her.

Nobody, not even her teammates, thought she could win. Of course everyone was over the moon when she did the “impossible”. But Mew Choo is no overnight sensation.

She has been “in service to the country” for the past 10 years.

“I did my Form Four under the umbrella of the Badminton Association of Malaysia at Sri Garden School in Taman Maluri.

“The BAM gave me lots of opportunities – all the training and coaching. They also sent me to a lot of competitions for exposure. I think it was at the SEA Games in 2003 when I won the gold that they took real notice of me.

“For me it was a surprise win but my life took a turn from that day.”

Mew Choo is mindful that representing the country is serious business.

“You have to try your best and never give up. I remember how we tried to get me qualified for the Olympics in 2004.

“We did our best but did not have enough time. It was only a few months. My world ranking when I started was in the 100s, but I managed to work my way up to 46. However, that year the Olympic selection closed at 42!”

So it was back to training under Misbun Sidek. “He is a great coach. I owe him a lot ? my fitness and competencies. He knows exactly how far to push me.”

Today, she trains under Wong Tat Meng. That is the other amazing thing about being part of the national team.

Mew Choo says she learnt to interact with all races easily. To her, her teammates very simply are Malaysian – representing the country everywhere they go.

Training and back-to-back competitions have taken a physical toll on her, though.

“There isn’t a part of me which hasn’t been injured; my ankles, heels, knees, elbows, shoulders. But the medical care is good and I’m grateful for that.”

Mew Choo does not mind all the sacrifices she has to make.

“I don’t get to see my family very often. When we are playing in meets, we are away for months at a time. And when we return to Malaysia, sometimes it is only for a few days before we are off again.”

Despite all that, she remains close to her family. They are the ones she calls after every competition – win or lose. “Of course, they are happy when I win but they are equally supportive when I do not.”

When she is back in Kuala Lumpur, she hardly has any time to herself because she trains six hours a day, every day.

Where many young people her age are focusing on making money and advancing their careers, she is quite simply proud to be able to be a national badminton player.

“My parents are very proud that I am representing Malaysia. I’m grateful to them as they have supported me all the way. From the time I expressed interest in the game, they were always there for me – shuttling me from game to game, investing time, effort and money to help me. When I was injured, they were the ones who paid the medical bills.”

In other countries, sports stars get paid a lot of money for endorsements. In Malaysia, most national players do it for a more altruistic reason as they are not allowed to sign on for endorsements.

Mew Choo says it is the backing of the BAM, National Sports Council and the encouragement of the public which has helped her to stay the course. After all, the petite young woman has been playing competitively since the age of 12.

“Badminton is something I am good at and I am grateful for this talent although I know I have to work doubly hard to prove that Malaysian sportswomen have got what it takes to be world champions.”

She believes that whatever progress or success she achieves is only the start for Malaysia. “We can do more. We can be winners.”

Today, Mew Choo has made every Malaysian believe that the impossible – the All-England, the Thomas Cup and the Beijing Olympics – may well be possible again.

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Here are some WMC off court pictures ! check it out !!!

came back from Beijing in August ( at KLIA )

This picture is SO NICE !!!!

Here are some few pictures too is quite nice!

love her outfit !

CUTE ! both of them won Johor Open ( November 2008 )

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