Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here You Go , Shir Lynn


OH MY GOD. so CUTE , I watched it AGAIN. It's so AWESOMEly CUTE.

sorry Shir Lynn , I thought of uploading the video here but then it took so long so I manage to find the website.

Anyways guys , Malaysian open ? Why no respond ? If there's no respond , I shall propose quarter finals . 7pm.

I thought of second round but it's 3 pm , if many of you guys can make it , then second round it is ,ok ?

so now VOTE , Second round or Quarter Finals ?

Which one do you prefer meeting up with Mew Choo fans ? Second Round(3pm) or Quarter Finals(7pm) ?
Second Round
Quarter Finals

View Results

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Congrats Mew Choo on your bronze medal . Ok la , better than no medals right ?

Oh yeah , Wong Miew Kheng commented on my status ! I was really shocked. but thanks !


Though Wong Mew Choo never accept my request...sob..sob...!

anyways , Malaysia Open is coming up ! Guys , when & which round to meet up ? please plaN !

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009



That's the link for Mew Choo's Winning match again't The Juliane. Download it , keep it ! and be happy with it when she burst into tears.

She Deserves it ! oh yeah

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I've sorta made plans already

hey guys , I've made plans for a gathering. I plan it for Next year January during the Proton Malaysian Open . And by that , we try to make banner and put this blog site so that she can see it , what dyou guys think ?

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 World Super Series Masters Final Winner - WONG MEW CHOO

Congrats to her !! she cried , tears in joy...gosh...! I'm so happy with her !!

But damn la , no interview. I remember last year , they interview the winners at Kota Kinabalu , remember ?

But don't worry , I think StarOnline will post an interview. Really happy with her ,

Thank You GOD ,
Thank You Misbun,
Thank You to her Team mates

and last BUT not least ,

To US , us fans. Thank you guys for supporting Mew Choo.

I wish to blog more but then I gtg , I'm going Johor now. got a wedding to attend. damn right ? the tournament ends today and I'm going there today. sigh...ok , that's about it. Thanks

BTW lolx about the video. Just gimme more time , thank you for you patience. bye , love ya !

love you guys ! bye

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So What Do You Guys Think ?

so , Leslie ? Is this better than the previous one ?

& the others , what do you think about this new blogskin ?

anyways , I wanna go sleep now. It's 4.11 am now.

I wish all the best for Wong Mew Choo tomorrow , I mean Today ! ( past midnight already )


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Not That I DON't CARE ok ?

Pick your words CAREFULLY before typing or saying it out.

It's not that I don't care she's in Semis nor Finals. Just because I did not update doesn't mean I DON't CARE. I have a reason why and the is reason is beacuse I was sleeping over at my friends house & I never got the chance to blog about it. I did watch her match but I just can't blog cause I was at my friend's house. alright theressa ?

& about the Blogskin , yes sorry , it very tremendously ugly . sorry , thanks to my laziness BUT I will definitely change it , promise ! sorry leslie and the others.


I'm so happy with her ! In the finals !! OH MY GOD ! I think she can win it .

She'll be facing Juliane Schenk of Germany tomorrow in the finals

My bets are on Mew Choo. you guys ?

Really hope she wins !!!!


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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wong Mew Choo's match tomorrow might be in the morning at 11 am. It's either 11am or 5 pm. I checked astro , it says 5 pm but tournamentsoftware says it is 11 am. But no matter what , Wong Mew Choo's match will be on TV tomorrow .

Astro Channel 816

11 am or 5pm , so don't wake up late tomorrow.

Don't say I did not warn you. So yeah , but I'll confirm with you guys tomorrow 7am . alright ?

Goodnight guys ,~ Sweet Dream ~

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Mew Choo definitely will be in the Semifinals .
She won just now , in fact I was kinda yawning when I was watching the livescore. Cause I know it'll be a piece of cake for her.

tomorrow she'll be meeting up with Canada's Charmaine.

Check out that game tomorrow ,

Astro Channel 816 , 5pm

1st match is Wong Mew Choo's . So be on time ! 5 pm Astro Channel 816.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm really happy ! Wong Mew Choo beat Saina Nehwal ! now , this is what I like to blog about!

Anyway , tomorrow she'll be facing Thailand's Porntip Buranaprasertsuk. I have confidence Mew Choo will beat her but then you'll never what the results will be , do not underestimate young and fresh player.

BTW , I love what Mew Choo wore today ! It was so much better than what she wore in China Open 2009 recently. Pink! my favorite colour !

Anyway , did you guys saw the SPLIT she did just now ! OMH , OUCH OUCH OUCH !! damn , it's gonna hurt but she seemed fine , GOSHH..!! OUCH...it'll be SO PAIN...AAAOOOWWWW !!! ( imagining if its me ) GAWD , so painful

Anyway , I wish her all the best with the Thailand Girl 2moro !

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Remember last year Saina and mew choo played againts each other ? Mew Choo lost last year , what about this year ? *evil laugh* re-match baby !

I wish her all the best ! Really Hope she'll win

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I just realized ! i forgot today was 1 december 2009 , damn time flies fast !!

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Wong Mew Choo qualify for SUPER SERIES MASTER FINALS 2009 @ Johor Bharu!!!
(2-6 december 2009)

OH MY GOD !!!!!!!


If the men's singles line up remains strong, the women's singles line up has taken another step backwards for the upcoming Super Series Finals. Lu Lan is the latest player to withdraw from the top 8, which means China will have no woman representative in the entire tournament. Wong Mew Choo of Malaysia has confirmed she would join the 7 other shuttlers.

Here is the final list for WS :
Saina Nehwal (IND), Salakjit Ponsana (THA), Yao Jie (NED), Nicole Grether (GER), Juliane Schenk (GER), Porntip Buranaprasertusuk (THA), Charmaine Reid (CAN), Wong Mew Choo (MAL)

*last year at super series master final 2008 @Kota Kinabalu*

OK , this is gonna be AWESOME!!!

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